Screaming​,​Scorching Hell

by Joe Thrasher

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The new EP From the Canadian Metal maniacs Joe Thrasher.


released October 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Joe Thrasher Ottawa, Ontario

Joe Thrasher is more than a metal band. That guy banging his head in his basement bedroom? He's Joe Thrasher. That girl who is five feet tall and 100 pounds but decides to start the mosh pit? She's JoeThrasher. A mix of thrash, NWOBHM, hard rock and speed metal, Joe Thrasher is an old-school metal feast that appeals to everyone from the traditional metalhead to more modern metal-based fans. ... more

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Track Name: Ammunation

Brave new world, or so they say
Off to war, my dying day
To never learn a lesson from mistakes of our past
The tracer fire lights up the sky
Pump the victims full of lead
The stench of those who've died

To Live A War - Commit A Crime

We walk a thousand warriors – Standing in line
We storm the violent frontlines – Etched in time
To those who oppose my leanings – The bastard son
I lie in a pool of hatred for I demand to be The Chosen One

Trust is earned, machine gun fire
Shrapnel burns, regret grows tired
The strategy economy the unholy one
Artillery it rolls through the night
Count the numbers that are dead, the trenches where they lie

Pre-Chorus / Chorus / Solo / Pre-Chorus / Chorus
Track Name: White Death
White Death

Everywhere I look
They’re riding that train
Locked on the rails
And they’re feeling no pain

Runnin' 'round in circles
Like a dog after it’s tail
Your real friends have left you
They tried, but you failed

White Death

You say “they’re nice people”
But they’re killing you to survive
Weaker than the weak
Lost their kids, fucked their lives

Diseased and rotten toothed
Smile the blackest of grins
Now you got no money
Wipe the cum off your chin

White Death

You could have been something
Too stupid to see
So pretty and strong
But you bowed to the weak

You could have been something
Too stupid to see……aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh !!!!

White Death
Track Name: Hell Eternal
Hell Eternal

I awake
The witch hunt has begun
Breathe it in
The air it burns my lungs

Hell Eternal – My Wrath Becoming Your War

Lost in turmoil
Your weak and helpless soul
Death is yours
I summon your final breathe

Hell Eternal – My Wrath Becoming Your War

Winds of hell
My master now my slave
King of hell
Your kingdom I now reign

Hell Eternal – My Wrath Becoming Your War
Track Name: Terror In Tokyo
Terror In Tokyo

Rockin' and rollin' a midnight flight
To the land of the rising sun
Gonna let it burn

Tearin' down the road of life
Live fast and die young
Gonna let it burn...yeah

Midnight nightmare, dynamite
I'm gonna raise some hell and cause some...

Terror – Terror in Tokyo
I don't know how far I'll get
But I'm gonna let it roll
With Mothra on my tail, it's screaming scorching hell

Locked and loaded and ready to fight
Cranked up right to ten
Gonna let it burn

Hittin' the stage in a flash of light
Thunder and lightning roar
Gonna let it burn...yeah